Total drama friends is an intirely new cast consisting of 13


  • Adam
  • Bret
  • Hogan
  • Deva 
  • Heath 
  • Kyle 
  • Sammy 
  • Nate 
  • Dylan
  • Jordan 
  • Avery
  • Ryan


  1. Heath
  2. Sammy
  3. Deva
  4. Jordan
  5. Nate
  6. Kyle
  7. Bret 
  8. Avery
  9. Ryan
  10. Adam
  11. Hogan (runner up)
  12. Dylan (winner)


  1. The New Cast

They have a run across the island in a race! On top of that they have to collect Guilded chris statues and also find a chris NOTEBOOK!

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